28 August 2015

New Mens Fellowship Study to Begin at Redeemer Church

The Mens Discipleship group returns this Fall and we’ll be reading through Martyn Lloyd-Jones book The Kingdom of God. We’ll be meeting in the fellowship hall from 8-9am. Below is the schedule. We hope to see you there for this time of fellowship and encouragement. The book can be purchased here.

Date                                            Reading
  1. 19 September 2015
Ch 1       The King’s Proclamation
  1. 3 October 2015
Ch 2       The First Priority
  1. 17 October 2015
Ch 3       Not With Outward Show
  1. 7 November 2015
Ch 4       Righteousness, Peace & Joy
  1. 21 November 2015
Ch 5       The Mystery
  1. 9 January 2016
Ch 6       Power
  1. 23 January 2016
Ch 7       The Three Men
  1. 13 February 2016
Ch 8       The Only Hope
  1. 27 February 2016
Ch 9       True Riches
  1. 12 March 2016
Ch 10     So Near And Yet So Far
  1. 26 March 2016
Ch 11     Born Again
  1. 9 April 2016
Ch 12     A Kingdom Which Can’t Be Moved
  1. 23 April 2016
Men’s Breakfast Wrap Up

03 July 2015

A Response to the Supreme Court's Decision on SSM

Be of Good Cheer 

Last week the supreme court rendered some decisions that discouraged many. The decisions reflect a culture that appears to be turning from God. As Isaiah said, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" (Is 5:20). Yet as Christians we are not to judge God by the darkness of His providences, but by the light of His word. The Psalmist tells us to rejoice because "the Lord reigns" (Ps 97:1) and the great heavenly multitude cries out, "Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns" (Rev 19:6). The twists and turns of providence can be confusing, but God's word declares that He is in total control of world history in general and American history in particular. He has a plan and His purpose is being fulfilled in all things. Though His judgments are too deep for us to easily or fully fathom, His word tells us that all things are working together for the eternal welfare of His people. Jesus Christ has accomplished our salvation and we are one day nearer the never-ending bliss of heaven! So in midst of difficult circumstances, let us rejoice in His reign. He sits upon the throne unruffled, unchanged and unmatched in His wisdom, glory and grace. Be of good cheer, Christian! Christ our King is coming back. He is preparing a place for us and will return to take us home. "So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith" (Gal 6:10), Do not fear, only believe (Mk 5:36).

15 April 2015

Confession of Sin

This week's Confession of Sin. May it stir your heart to holiness.
Our Father, you are the infinite and eternal God who knows all things. You are mindful of our thoughts and acquainted with our purposes. No secret thing is hidden from your sight. All our imaginations are laid bare before you. We have sinned by giving thought to and savoring in our minds things that are wicked and depraved. Often our affections to be enslaved by evil desires. Our hearts have been the source of countless transgressions. Your good and holy law we have broken within while trying to look religious without. There is no excuse for our hypocrisy. By nature no good thing dwells in us. Apart from your grace our souls are desperately evil and incurably sick. Please forgive us for Jesus’ sake. 

28 March 2015

Reformation History Class

Martin Luther
Our own Kevin Glazier has been teaching the Adult Sunday School class through Reformation History. It has been a fascinating and enlightening study. Click here to find the recordings and .pdf file notes. Have questions? Please send them to us and we'll get back to you.