08 June 2013

New Series - "Ask the Pastor"

Ask the Pastor

Are denominations important?

For the most part, I think denominations are a good thing.  In a world without sin, the church would be one visible body having no disagreements or divisions.  But we live in a fallen world and congregate with sinners.  Even the best of men differ on their interpretations of Scripture.  Those who deviate from the truth on essential points of doctrine, such as Christ’s deity or justification by faith, are not Christians.  But those who differ on non-essential points of doctrine are simply Christians who disagree.  Should they congregate together and dissipate their energy wrestling over non-essential matters?  Some do, but most do not.  Rather than endure the bitterness of continual infighting, God has ordained there to be different branches or denominations of the true church.  Believers may situate themselves in the communion that most closely agrees with their own convictions.  This frees them up to rejoice with and benefit from believers of different convictions regarding non-essential matters while striving to maintain the unity of the church.  The differences are important but secondary, so we consider each other members of the church invisible while we work and serve in our respective visible churches.  I am thankful that the different denominations provide a temporary solution to the problem of incredible diversity among redeemed but fallen followers of Christ.  As long as we see in a mirror dimly, we will need these kinds of concessions to maintain a peaceful, productive, diverse church.

This new series is to address current issues and questions in modern evangelicalism. If you have a question feel free to submit it in the comment section below or send it to redeemeroffices@gmail.com. I hope this is helpful and look forward to addressing your concerns & questions.

Pastor Scott Wright

05 June 2013

Walking on Water - Matthew 14:22-33

Rev. Jason Strong
Recently we welcomed to our pulpit Rev. Jason Strong.  Rev. Jason Strong has been laboring for God’s glory at Zion since 2001.  He is married to his wife Robyn and  together they have six children.  Pastor Strong received his Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson Mississippi in 1995. In the past Jason has served as a church planter, youth pastor, and has worked with Campus Crusade for Christ ministries. Please enjoy and be blessed by the Word he brought to us.